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Life in the UK Test » 26 พร้อมเฉลย

Life in the UK Test » 26   พร้อมเฉลย

  1. The modern Conservative Party is still sometimes referred to as
  2. For most people, the right amount of income tax is automatically taken from their bank account by direct debit
  3. When did the UK join the European Economic Community?
  4. The Prime Minister also has a country house outside London called ______
  5. The government is formed by
  6. The distance from the north coast of Scotland to the South coast of England is approximately ______ miles
  7. When is Mother's Day?
  8. Party candidate has the right make you vote for a particular candidate
  9. The symbol of Lancaster was a red rose and the symbol of York was a white rose and the war between the House of Lancaster and the House of York was called
  10. There is a Parliament for Northern Ireland but no Assembly for Scotland
  11. The small claims procedure is used for claims of less than ______ in Scotland and Northern Ireland
  12. You can get contact details for all your representatives and their parties from
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  13. You can contact the Assembly Booking Service to book guided tours or seats in the public galleries for the Welsh Assembly
  14. Who is the head of state of many Commonwealth countries?
  15. When did women receive voting rights at the same age as men?
  16. On Mothering Sunday children remember their mothers by usually giving them
    (Choose any 3 answers)
  17. One achievement of King James' reign was a new translation of the Bible into ______
  18. The United Kingdom has a written constitution
  19. What do children do on Father's Day for their fathers?
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  1. On St Valentine's Day
  2. In the House of Commons the government is formed by the party gaining the majority of the seats even if they do not get the most votes
  3. Scottish and Northern Irish bank notes valid everywhere in the UK
  4. Every person in the UK receives ______ under the law, it applies in the same way to everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from
  5. On election day, the polling station or place will be open from

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