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Life in the UK Test » 16 พร้อมเฉลย

Life in the UK Test » 16   พร้อมเฉลย

  1. Magistrates decide the verdict in each case that comes before them and, if the person is found guilty, the sentence that they pass
  2. To visit Northern Ireland Assembly you can
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  3. Does the British government have a written constitution?
  4. A food that is traditionally associated with Wales is ______
  5. When you move into a new house or apartment,
  6. The leader of the opposition usually becomes Prime Minister if his or her party wins the General Election
  7. Elections for the European Parliament are held every ______ year(s)
  8. By law, radio and television coverage of the political parties must be ______ and so equal time has to be given to rival viewpoints
  9. All terrorist groups try to radicalise and recruit people to their cause
  10. What is a Bank Holiday?
  11. How many years did the Romans remain in Britain?
  12. If judges agree that a government action is illegal, the government must
  13. The Scottish Parliament was formed in ______
  14. ______, the queen of the Iceni is still remembered today and there is a statue of her on Westminster Bridge in London
  15. Women in Britain received voting rights at the same age as men in ______
  16. What is celebrated on February 14th?
  17. To apply to become a permanent resident or citizen of the UK, you will need to:
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  18. ______ became formally united with England by the Act for the Government of Wales during the reign of Henry VIII
  19. How many members does The National Assembly for Wales have?

  1. Films were first shown publicly in the UK in ______
  2. It is illegal to sell tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, roll-up tobacco to anyone under the age of
  3. The Scottish Parliament sits in
  4. In Northern Ireland some people speak Irish Gaelic
  5. The money raised from National Insurance Contributions is used to pay for
    (Choose any 2 answers)

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