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Life in the UK Test » 23 พร้อมเฉลย

Life in the UK Test » 23   พร้อมเฉลย

  1. The House of Commons has powers to overrule ______, but these are not used often
  2. The police can confiscate alcohol or move young people on from public places
  3. Remembrance Day is celebrated on
  4. The Eden Project is in ______
  5. Henry VIII was king of England from 21 April ______
  6. Volunteering and helping your community are an important part of being a good citizen
  7. The Assembly has the power to make laws for Wales in ______ areas
  8. How do an employee pay their National Insurance contribution?
  9. When are local elections for councillors held?
  10. You can help prevent any problems and conflicts with your neighbours by
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  11. Political party members work hard to persuade people to vote for their candidates by handing out leaflets in the street or by knocking on people's doors and asking for their support, this is called
  12. What describes the level of expression that the monarch is restricted to when discussing government matters?
  13. The National Assembly elections are held every ____ years using a form of proportional representation
  14. charities that care about the environment are
    (Choose any 2 answers)
  15. Henry Tudor, the leader of the House of Lancaster, became
  16. Engaged couples get married on St. Valentine's day
  17. In Scotland, 31 December is called ______
  18. The Prime Minister appoints
    (Choose any 4 answers)
  19. Which is the spiritual leader of the Church of England?
  1. After the Act of Union was agreed upon in 1707, Scotland
  2. How old must you be to drive a motor vehicle in the UK?
  3. What is the function of the monarch in government?
  4. To visit Scottish Parliament you can book tickets or arrange tours through visitor services
  5. In Scotland, most minor criminal cases are dealt with in a

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