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Practical Driving Test in UK 7

Practical Driving Test in UK 7

1What is the national speed limit for cars and motorcycles when travelling in the right-hand lane of a motorway? 

 80 mph
 70 mph
 60 mph
 50 mph
2You stop at a pelican crossing. The amber light begins to flash as a pedestrian steps onto the crossing. You should 

 Give way to the pedestrian
 Continue ahead
 Move on as soon as the lights turn green
 Beep your horn at the pedestrian
3What does tailgating mean? 

 Driving with your headlights on full beam.
 Bumping another car whilst parking
 Following another vehicle too closely
 Skidding on a dry road
4At a puffin crossing which light won't you see? 

 Flashing amber
 Steady amber
5The purpose of a catalytic converter is to 

 Reduce oil consumption
 Reduce fuel consumption
 Reduce toxic exhaust gases
 Increase acceleration
6When the fluid level in your battery is low you should top it up with 

 Tap water
 Battery acid
 Distilled water
 Water that has been boiled
7The legal minimum depth of tread for car tyres over three quarters of the breadth is 

 5 mm
 1.6 mm
 2.6 mm
 4 mm
8When should you especially check the engine oil level?

 On a cold morning
 Every 5000 miles
 Before starting a long journey
 Before an MOT test
9What is the main cause of skidding?

 Damaged brakes
 Driving too fast
 The weather
 The driver
10In normal conditions the braking distance when travelling at 50 mph is 

 16 metres
 14 metres
 38 metres
 25 metres
11What is the nearest you can park your vehicle to a junction? 

 5 metres
 8 metres
 10 metres
 15 metres
12Which TWO should you allow extra room when overtaking? 

13You should never attempt to overtake a cyclist 

 When approaching a roundabout
 On narrow road
 Just before you turn left
 On a right hand bend
14How should you correct a rear wheel skid? 

 Steer into it
 Steer away from it
 Brake hard and not steer at all
 Remove your hands from the steering wheel and let the vehicle steer itself
15What colour are the reflective studs between a motorway and its slip road? 

16After buying a secondhand vehicle you should tell the licensing authority 

 After 14 days
 When you sell the vehicle
 Before an MOT
17In what situation are other drivers allowed to flash their headlights at you? 

 To tell you that they are giving way to you
 To warn you danger is ahead
 To warn you when you're breaking the speed limit
 To warn you of their presence
18The safest place to park your vehicle at night is 

 In a garage
 On a quiet side street
 On a driveway
 In a car park
19What is the national speed limit for towing a trailer on a motorway? 

 70 mph
 60 mph
 50 mph
 40 mph
20A learner driver you are following stalls at a junction. What should you do? 

 Sound your horn and flash your lights
 Steer around them and drive on
 Be patient and wait for them to move on
 Shout instructions
21An injured motorcyclist is lying unconscious in the road. You should 

 Remove the safety helmet
 Move them to the pavement
 Seek medical assistance
22Which TWO are most likely to make you lose concentration while driving? 

 Listening to loud music
 Looking at road maps
 Reading road signs
 Adjusting the temperature control
23The main purpose of a box junction is 

 To slow traffic down
 To prevent junctions becoming blocked by queuing traffic
 To speed traffic up
 To stop you turning right at a crossroads
24In freezing conditions you should expect stopping distances to increase by up to 

 Seven times
 Five times
 Four times
 Ten times
25Your anti-lock brakes warning light stays on. What should you do? 

 Have the brakes checked immediately
 Check the brake fluid level
 Check the handbrake is working
 Perform an emergency stop
26For a driver, what doe the term Blind Spot mean? 

 The area covered by the rear view mirror
 The area covered by your left mirror
 An area not seen in your mirrors
 An area immediately behind the car
27You are driving on a clear night. The road is busy with traffic. Which lights should you use? 

 Dipped headlights
 Full beam headlights
 Interior light
28What is most likely to cause high fuel consumption? 

 Staying in high gears
 Aggressive braking
 Driving above 50 mph
 Poor steering control
29Unbalanced wheels on a car may cause 

 Poor acceleration
 The tyres to wear out
 The steering to vibrate
 Poor braking
30In very hot weather the road surface can get soft. Which TWO of the following will be affected most. 

 The steering
 The braking
 The fuel consumption
 The suspension
31A provisional license holder must not drive a motor car

Mark two answers. 

 On their own
 On a dual carriageway
 At night
 On a motorway
32You are approaching a roundabout. Just ahead of you are there are horses. Which TWO should you do? 

 Continue as normal
 Be prepared to stop
 Slow down and give them plenty of room
 Warn them of your presence by sounding your horn
33You are travelling in heavy rain. Your overall stopping distance is likely to be 

 Up to 15 times greater
34After driving out of fog and when visibility has returned to normal, you must 

 Keep your rear fog light on
 Use your headlights on dipped beam
 Switch off your fog lights
 Use your windscreen wipers
35In which place must you NOT park? 

 In a one-way street
 At a bus stop
 Near a police station
 In a country lane

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